Dropbox Technical Difficulties

I had reason to check my dropbox settings today and this popup came up…

What is the nature of the difficulties and what is the impact on using DropBox?
And do we have a resolution timeline please?

Hey @brettlewis !

We’ve had some users reporting that their connection to Dropbox is failing - sometimes after a short period of time, sometimes after a few days.

We’re still working on it. A fix was being tested on our QA servers but it was not reliable enough for production.

Thanks Tim,

I’m getting 400 errors in integromat when in my scenarios that upload a file to Tadabase (and in turn Dropbox).

It has been happening for the last few days.
Aside from Integromat/Make being under DDOS attack, I’ve not changed anything in my scenarios

Is this a possible symptom of this problem perhaps?
And if yes, is there a workaround?

I cannot upload via the builder either.

Everything looks like it’s working, but after I save and reopen the record, the file field is still blank.