Dropdown list based on UserLoggedIn User table

Tadabase Team,
We have a User table called Trainers, and we have a Client table where we have fields called Trainer Name & Client Name & Session Time. Now, we need to create 3rd table/form where a logged-in Trainer can get his own Client Name dropdown list to pick out to start a training session.

I must have spent hours on designing this 3rd table/form with Connection field to User table to get Trainer Name & Connection field to Client table for Client Name, but the Client Name dropdown list gives all client names instead of filtering ONLY client names for the UserLoggedin Trainer name.

I just can’t get this dropdown list specific to the logged in Trainer Name with his own client names dropdown list. It’s simple SQL statement but very challenging within Tasabase.

Please help…I am losing confidence in Tadabase doing simple filtration dropdown based on UserLoggedIn Name

Sammy :pray:

Hey Sammy,

I’m assuming you’re adding a new training session and choosing the Client. You only want to see the clients that belong to the logged in User/Trainer.

Do you have a connection from Clients to Users/Trainers? If so, you can double click on that from field and add a filter to only show records where Trainer is the logged in user.

I will give this a try and let you know. Ty🙏