Dropdown multi filters broken

Hi @moe
I love tadabase and all the flexibility which it offers. The thing is I had a dropdown field which had multiple filters so that it only shows limited records to select from(dependent on another two dropdown fields). It was working fine. I have not changed the form since weeks when I added the dropdown. Suddenly few days back the form started crashing my app. Support and I, we got it figured its the filters when there are two inside the dropdown filter are breaking the app.

Hey @neekunj

I’ve got the same issue… it seems that is a bug derived from the recente update they announced (Updates | Tadabase) using the Filter tab to filter connected records.

So, the way I solved this with my forms is by removing the dependent dropdown filtering option in the General Tab and using a new rule in the Filter Records Tab to make the record connection. Just as the image in the update announced.

Hope to help!

hey @andre_mtrop I do not get this option in the filter tabs. Are you using this on details page?

Our Engineering team is aware of this bug and we intend to have this fixed by the end of the day today (8/22/22)


@tim.young Appreciate all the help you have provide over the last few weeks. Thanks again.

Usually it’s on a edit form inside a details page, so it can retrieve the connected field.

I am using the form on the front main page. I am not using the edit page. I will check it out though redirecting to edit page and then filtering. Thanks again