Duplicate Parent and Child

Hey guys, I am hoping someone has successfully duplicated a parent record along with it’s child records using the record utilities pipe on a DataTable and can let me know where i might be going wrong.

I have now been able to successfuly duplicate a record on a DataTable rule but not able to successfuly duplicate the child records.

I have set the values in the Pipe to the child table ID and the field ID of the connection field in the child table. Should these values be something different? I’ve exhausted all resources i could find without a solution.

@richardch372 -

Easy fix…for your parent table ID use the actual ID of the table (similar to the child table ID). Select “custom value” then enter the table ID.

The pipe will work then.


Thanks for the suggestion @SafetyUniversity i have tried it without success. Support are having a look at it for me.

Stupid question here but do you have a correct API key assigned to the Pipe?

Not so stupid Adam as orignally i hadn’t :grimacing:. The parent record is duplicating just fine. Its the child record which doesn’t.

I had the following response from TB which was very disappointing based on the hours invested in this.

@richardch372, I apologize about this message from our team.

The pipe does indeed work, we simply don’t offer support for it since its beyond the scope of standard support. It can get quite complex trying to get this working and is generally more of a implementation question vs support.

I sent you an email.