Duplicate record choosing from the same table

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I hope someone can help me with this:

Is it possible to duplicate the record from its own table?

My goal is that, when I want to create new, I will type the new name of Template then create upon hitting the save, but if I don’t want to create new and just choose from the previous template I created, and when I hit save, it will create a copy of the template I choose from the drop down.

Is this possible without using a third party application?

@edison -

Easy to do…install the Tadabase Records Utility pipe, create an API, and the install an action link in the table of the records.

In the action of the action link, trigger the Records Utility pipe for “Duplicate Record”.

You will need to get the table ID of the table that the record is in.

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@edison It is possible, with an action link (you find that within the links section of your table). So in the table of template (in your app), you add an extra button (action link), which you call duplicate and then in the action action rule, you chose “insert a new record”. For every field of this record you set the values to “record value”.
In order to avoid confusion you call this record name “duplicated record” in my example. After creation of the duplicated record, you edit what you want to change.

Here a screenshot of how I did it:

One warning though. If you change the data table, you will need to change your duplication as well (you tend to forget this one).

Or you use a pipe, like Adam says.

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Thank you @SafetyUniversity & @Peter it works :slight_smile: you are the best!