Dynamic DropBox patch

I tried with this function, hoping that field names could be used instead of dates, but without success.

Company/{Name Company}/{car model}/{repair}

Someone managed to create a dynamic saving location for files on DropBox, example
Name Company/car model/repair ?

How can I do ?
Thank you

Hi @DanioA :wave:

I totally see what you’re trying to do but this isn’t currently possible. I’m not sure what that would even look like as an option so any additional information you can provide for your use case would help our team out if we ever add more functionality to Dropbox storage.

Hi Tim,
simply being able to sort files based on data table relationships, creating sub folders in DropBox

For example, having an app for car workshops:

Workshop name > Customer name > Car model > Maintenance year > intervention file

Or in the case of a real estate agency:
City > Neighborhood > Building typology > building documents

The strange thing is that I understand that this is possible with Microsoft OneDrive Pipe and is not intended for DropBox which is native to Tadabase.

I think this is a great idea but I’m struggling a bit to see how it could work in a practical use case. You’re correct that Dropbox is a native integration but the integration exists at the app level, meaning all uploads across all tables and fields are uploaded to Dropbox. This applies to existing tables and fields, and newly created tables and fields.

In comparison, the OneDrive pipe is applied at the Data Table, or Record Level (wherever you choose to trigger the pipe) which allows for significantly more granular control over what fields are used as parameters, and ultimately what folders are created and where uploads for specific fields are saved.

I wonder if a Dropbox pipe would be the answer here.