Dynamic Field Questions?

I’ve not used Dynamic fields before but I am reviewing our system for excessive use of equations and looking to optimise with Dynamic Fields where possible.

Within HTML (basic and custom components) Dynamic fields are available from the dropdown of fields but they don’t work for me inside HTML. If I use them on a form they work as expected. Can you confirm whether that is correct and whether they may be extended to HTML?

Second question, how would you refer to different templates in HTML (if supported) or would you need a seperate Dynamic field for each value rather than using the templates?

If I use the API to query the Dynamic Field I believe I’m getting a collection returned and there appears to be values stored BUT i was under the impression Dynamic fields did hold data in the database so I’m a little confused, does it hold just the first default field ? Equally if it’s unsupported then that would be useful to know too please?

Many thanks

and another :slight_smile:

Can dynamic fields equations dynamically establish the status of a forms decision check boxes?

For example if you have a TAX/VAT check box could you have an IF statement in the dynamic calculation so when TAX/VAT is checked it calculates not just (quantity * cost) but (quantity * cost) * tax?

I tried this and numerous variations but couldn’t get it to play ball :softball:

{{#is field_2113 1}}
//with vat code
//without vat code

also tried “if”, that worked to some extent but seemed to take record value rather than dynamic form value of the check box.

(I have previously used Javascript in the form to handle all the dynamic calculation but wanted to re-code with dynamic fields if that was possible, just to make the code more “supportable” and current.

Dynamic Field values are correctly displayed on a Form Page but if you attempt to pass the value of the dynamic field (default template) to a Forms submit rule the value isn’t passed.