Dynamic/timed (Tabular) filters and the posibility of filter/rule duplication

  1. Dynamic and timed filters in tables. This could take various forms for example, to automatically generate filter tabs for a given field, also if there were some way of appling timing conditions to a particular filter to reduce annual maintenance this would be enormous in my opinion.
    So for example, if a filter could have a “deactivation/deletion” date attached to it, and/or a modifcation date attached to it to automatically change the conditions/name/default of a given filter?

I believe something like this would make our apps alot more future proof and an excellent timesaver for those with the idea of monetising their apps.

  1. I´d also like to suggest to the wonderful team how handy and time-saving it might be if we could copy rules, I imagine it´s not just myself that has spent hours generating rule after rule (or filter after filter) that are near identical with just a small change in the condition and output…

I could be dreaming here…but i´ll throw it out anyway…To maybe consider some way a single record rule could contain sub/child rules/actions dependant on the primary input (from a dropdown, radio or checkbox)…Reducing the need for a long list of action rules and giving more visible structure.

Also one more thing, would be great to have an “action button” built into the table header for selected records, currently we can only apply actions to individual records within the table.

Please comment and like if you agree or disagree!!!

Thankyou in advance!!!