E-commerce feature - I’m at a loss

Let me try to explain the scenario…

Job posting app where users can buy the ability to post (form submission) with a one time purchase. Let’s use this example to make the conversation easier.

Product = 5 job postings
Result = user can post 5 jobs

The biggest hurdle though which I can’t figure out is how do I validate the user has made the purchase and update their account in some form to reflect the purchase they made.

I’ve tried a lot of ideas, honestly it’s difficult for me to go through them all.

  • I’ve tried adding a checkout button with stripe, but I can’t get the button to work.
  • I’ve tried a pipe that creates a checkout link with square, but the request requires an idempotency_key that needs to be generated every request. Not sure if I can pass a field value in JSON request.
  • I’ve tried using integromat to watch for events with Square, but the module doesn’t return any useful data to use in a Tadabase module to update a user account
  • I’ve tried Zapier too. Zapier gets the user entered email address which I could use to search for a user account BUT the Tadabase module or whatever it’s called in Zapier can only search for records by record ID, or Auto Increment

The list goes on. I’ve known for days that this could be an impossible task but I’m still searching for a solution.

Hey Tim - zapier allows you to run scenarios in steps so you process payment then use a zapier filter to check the payment status then proceed to create a record in your tada table based on the subscription level. Square should provide a payment status which you can then use a zapier filter to check for then proceed to next level. i do a similar thing with Zoho Subscriptions

Well with Zapier, I get stuck with the Tadabase part because i can’t search for a record to update without a record ID

Place the zapier filter after your SQUARE charge to check for success - if success then proceed to create record in TADA. If you are trying to search tada after square has already created the record then it does get “wonky”. Im dealing with some similar zapier issues right now with checking for new Zoho Invoices created then create the records in TADA - however the TADA connected company field will not accept the company name from the ZOHO Inv - it needs the record id.

Yup, I’m trying to search for an account on TB after the payment has gone through. Integromat has a much better module to search TB, where I can search by any field but the Square module doesn’t pass enough information to use in that search module. Super frustrating.

I found a solution using jotform and integromat. I’ll write up a brief description in the next few days and post it in #tips-and-tricks

Great - curious to see what you came up with. I finally resolved my issue with Zapier yesterday (searching the record id and posting to tada) so my solution is now working.