Edit Button On Connected Form Fields

When in the settings for a form’s connected record field, the option to “Allow Inserting” a new record is available.

It would be extremely helpful if the option to “Edit Selected” record was also present. This is standard in almost every CRM.

For example, you add a new connected Customer record. It now shows selected in the field. The customer then says I gave you the wrong phone number. To correct this connected record in the current behavior of a form the entire record would need to be saved with the bad data and then the field edited. This is cumbersome when you have multiple dependent dropdown connected fields in the form.

Has this been done before or considered?

Here is an example:

And then have the existing record popup for an edit. This could simply be a page attached to the form.

This is what that would look like in a Tadabase form (excuse my crude example):

@moe @tim.young is this something that can currently be done or a feature that could be added?