Edited By - Saved By

Hello, how would I go about adding the following fields to my records every time they are touched by users…

Created By: (user name)
Last Edited By: (user name)
Created Date: (date:time)
Last Date Date: (date:time)

The best way to do this is with table rules in the data builder. Add two user connection fields, and two date fields and set the rules accordingly. I’m not at the computer right now but if you need more help, I can add screenshots when I get back to the computer

Essentially you add two rules, one for record create and one for record edit and then set those fields on each rule to the logged in user and current date.

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I usually add 2 extra fields for that, because if I use this in detail pages, I dont want to lose room so I make 2 extra fields: {created} and {modified}
With the following equation (this one for modified, but created field will be about the same):
CONCAT({Modified by},CHAR(32),"/",CHAR(32),DATE_FORMAT({Modified on},’%d-%m-%y’))

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