Enable Delete for Multi-Select Option in Tables

The Multi Select option in tables allows you to update multiple line items by checking each record.

It would be very useful to also have a Multi delete option where by once the check box is selected you can chose to delete the selected items.



This is a great idea and we’ll try and add this as soon as we can.

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Is this feature added yet? I am looking for a way to select multiple records for deletion, instead of having to go through a filter.


I don’t think this has been added yet. There is a bit of a way around it though if if its worth it.

You can add a mark for delete checkbox field.
Update all the selected records with yes in that new field and then delete on that condition.

Or you can add a scheduled task (set for 100 years in the future so it doesn’t run) with the tadabase rest api pipe (delete record) with the condition that the mark for delete is selected then put the button at the top of your table.

Once you have marked the records you want to delete click the task button.

Not perfect but its how I’ve handled until this is implemented

I see. That is quite a round-about way to solve it.

But your suggestion gave me an idea. Instead of allowing the user to delete it outright, we just mark it for deletion and hide it from the view. This is similar to the Recycle concept, where the record is not deleted straightaway but hidden till we carry out another action to remove it from the backend.

Yeah we have done something similar with an archive field.

With a rule that runs daily and deletes anything that is archived and has not been modified for over 30 days