Enter a multiple data from a single form and add it to the user and update it with the data from parent record

Hi Tadabase,

Is it possible to create like a temporary table to create a form with multiple entry then add it to another table and update it with the data from the parent table!

Like this:

Upon creating multiple entry from the temporary table, it will be added to the User connection field then will create 3 record then this 3 record will be connected to the parent record and the 3 newly created record will be updated from parent record table.


  • I can check who is connected to the user and can include the details of each
  • When I check the parent record, i can see the names and can compare it to others.
  • When I check each name, I can see that it is connected to the Parent Record.

This is what my goal is but if there is another way to achieve this goal, please help me.

Thank you