Equation Field DATE_ADD


I can’t find any documentation or examples on the formulas available in the equation field. I am trying to create an equation field that take the date in an existing field and add 7 days to it.

DATE_ADD({Scheduled Date}, 7)

I am not sure this is the correct way to use DATE_ADD function



Have you considered using the Date Formula field instead? It likely will server you better for this requirement:

You can read more about Date Formulas here:

We don’t support DATE_ADD as an equation option. I’m looking into why its available as a drop down and in the docs.

The following worked for me. I wanted the equation field to be +7 days of another DB field “Scheduled Date”
DATE({Scheduled Date} + 7)

I see. As far as adding 2 dates it won’t work since in the database its stored as a date not a number. But you can certainly make the “7” dynamic using any number field.

For example:
DATE({Scheduled Date} + {my_number_field})