Equation field return currency result?

Basic Number Formula field can return a value formatted as currency. But as far as I can tell, the Equation field type cannot do this. If I need a more complex formula than that Basic Formula field permits, is it possible to format result of an equation field as a currency value?

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Hey @WilliamPorter

This can be done with the Equations CONCAT() function.

So for example, if you had a number field called “Number” the Equation would look like this


You can combine this with the FORMAT function as well in case you wanted to limit the number to two decimal places for example.


Thanks @Chem. I knew I could go about it that way, at least to get a single result that I could display.

But does that product a result whose data type = number? In other words, say I wanted to get a grand total for that field? I need line items to show the price as a number (or numeral), but I also need a total somewhere and that also needs a currency sign.

In this case, would I use a Basic Formula to get the Charge calc result (Price * Quantity), a separate Equation field to display the price in a column of a table (using the CONCAT function as you suggested) and finally a totals field that referencees not the equation field but the basic formula field?

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I have the same problem, and hit the same limitation.
Did you ever find a solution to formating for formula results … its so frustrating that this is not there !

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Same here. It would be great to have an option for currency formatting in the equation field type!

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Same here. It would be great if I didn’t need an additional field just to be able to show a currency output from an equation (thats already outputting a number).

@WilliamPorter this code does work. But my concern is that it is constrained to a component/page level and therefore has to be copied and pasted everywhere you want to use it.

I was hoping someone could help us figure out how to do it sitewide, but I haven’t gotten a response to my post either.

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