Establish when an equation update{{tableId}} is completed?

I’m launching the API call{{tableId}} to force an equation update on a table, which is working fine but is there a way or workaround to establish when that update has completed?

Hey @tim.young / @Chem , do either of you know if there is a way to achieve this?

The scenario is that I’m generating a quotation that includes a number of line items. When a line item is added / edited the new summary totals take 15 (upto 30) seconds to update but the user is left not knowing how many times to refresh the page before they know the equations (sub totals etc) are re calculated and correct… :thinking:

There is currently no way to be notified of when this has completed, but I’ve made a note to look into this as we continue to work on optimizing this feature.

@moe okay thanks for the reply - i appreciate it