Feature requests / suggestions

  1. Better DropBox management, with the possibility of creating folders for each record or for a specific condition

  2. Better management of rules in tables that should always be active,
    Or add a checkbox button in the forms and in the Edits that activate or deactivate the rules in the tables, in order to avoid writing hundreds of rules for various forms

  3. automatic creation of a link that allows you to reach a window (table, detail, etc.), without having to convert the ID of a record into a text field, create an Html, or a calculation and then paste it in a Link field

  4. The “go to page” button provide you with conditions:
    condition “a” >> go to page xx, “b” >> go to page yy, etc.

  5. better photo management, for example:

  6. through the rules, possibility to paste directly in a related field, the value of the original field, without having to go through a third table

  7. add the required type of result to the equation function:

  • address
  • telephone number
  • link
  • email
    without then having to paste the result in the fields provided for this function.

It’s nice to see the efforts of the team and the continuous improvement of the application.
good job

I add:

  1. In Tables, possibility to use rules with references to fields not shown in the tables, without having to have fields that are not needed and then having to hide them.

  2. in the Forms, put a flag to hide a field, without having to make other rules,

  3. I see this as difficult but I propose it, possibility to change the source data of a table without having to redo everything, detail pages, forms, edits and dozens of rules

There’s a lot of good stuff here. It might be hard to track which suggestions users are most interested in though. Maybe someone can make a form with all this to collect votes.