Feedback/feature request: URL with handles instead of record ID

I would like to create a “public profile” page to display a user’s page. This would be analogous to the author’s profile on Medium (e.g., ichaperot ).

Each user has a unique username that they create upon account creation (the uniqueness is a field constraint in Tadabase). For instance my username is “ichaperot”, which is basically my “handle”.

The complicated part is to have the unique handle (“ichaperot”) instead of the record ID in the URL. Right now I have this page:!/author/view-profile/-4MXQJdrZ6v
I would like to replace it with “!/author/view-profile/ichaperot”.

The bonus would be to shorten the URL with a redirect (“ " => "!/author/view-profile/ ”) so that could redirect to!/author/view-profile/ichaperot

Thank you!!

We’re slowly going through the SEO options and making these types of changes. Not sure if you noticed, but you can now remove the $! from the URL. In the future you’ll be able to use a unique field in your table as the URL instead of the ID like you say. If that field has a @ then that should be fine too.

I would say we’re not too far from rolling this out, hopefully during 2020 still. We’re polishing off SSO and 2FA and some other security features at the moment.

The shortened URL idea is not likely something we see as part of Tadabase at this time. There are many URL shorteners that can probably do that.


This is fantastic! Looking forward to the new feature to use a unique field. And yes, I just realized it is possible to remove the hash (#!) from URL.