Feedback Ideas for Job Application

Has anyone created a detailed Job Application? I want to get ideas on the best way to create this - Zoho had a feature called sub-forms that made this easy. An applicant may need to add multiple schools under the education requirement as well as add 3 to 5 previous employers, 3 years of addresses etc… Im trying not to resort to PREVIOUS EMPLOYER 1, PREVIOUS EMPLOYER 2, PREVIOUS EMPLOYER 3 etc…


Trying to think this through out loud, more or less.

So if you have a form someone is filling out (the application), there’s a section to add a new previous employer - which would be a connected field so the user could add a new record. When the user clicks the + button to add a new previous employer, that form could have record rules that set a connection field back to the application (maybe an Application ID or something like that). The user can repeat this process until they’ve added all previous employers. Once they complete the form, they’d be directed back to a details page where they could review the application before submitting.

Does that make sense? Not really sure if that would work in practice.

Edit: By “review before submitting” - I mean you could set up an action link to email the record, send to integromat to generate a pdf and then email, or you could even just have a select field saying “I’ve verified the information on the application is accurate, etc.” and that would mark the record as “saved”.

My thoughts on this:

  1. Have the user complete a form with the “basics” (Name, address, phone, etc.). This will, in essence, create a record details page. When the user clicks “create” or “save” or whatever name you title the button it will have an auto-redirect to the application details page.

  2. Then create tables for each of your data sets that may have multiple records. For example, work history, education, certifications, etc.

  3. Create another table for any attachments you want them to be able to submit (resume/CV, cover letter, transcripts, etc.)

Many times when I have been working on an employment application I have left to come back later and finished. The above suggestions would allow the user to do just that. However, you would have to create a front-end where the user would establish their own secured login account for this to all work.

Hope this helps,