Filter Currently Logged in User from User Table

Greetings all-

I am looking for help on being able to filter out the current logged in user from a User’s table so they can’t accidently inactivate their own account.

@tim.young advised there doesn’t seem to be a native ability to complete this request but suggested @Chem may be able to work his magic for some javascript to filter when current logged in user’s email address is in the table to hide the row or some variation thereof.

Many thanks to all guidance and help!

This prevents 2nd tier admins doing the same thing you mentioned and also prevents them from giving themselves additional rights on user level restrictions.

Adam - can it not be managed by process? or for example by disabling the status field. This would be a field which user roles with admin rights would have control over and not end users. Otherwise any end user could reopen their user account after admin sets the status to ‘Inactive’ or ‘Suspended’ , ‘Closed’ etc… am i talking sense or have misunderstood the issue you’ve highlighted.

@Shumon -

This is absolutely a valid option however it won’t work for me since the application I am designing allows for multiple Site Admins and I just want to regulate it to not show the logged in user Site Admin. In other words, I’d like to allow other Site Admins to edit/change another Site Admin’s information but not their own (from the user’s table that is…they can always update their information from their profile page). Additionally, if you limit the field to a read-only it affects all under that particular user role, not just the logged in user.

Does that make sense?

Very much appreciate your suggestions!

Im guessing you’ll have a principle admin who assigns rights and manages the status of each site admin otherwise a site admin could take over the whole platform and even block the princple admin (apart from the dev mode)… anyway, what about this.