Filter data from a related field

I’m probably getting lost in a glass of water, I can’t find a solution that I remembered as trivial.

I have a relationship field that in a data table shows records from a linked table, in this field I don’t want to see records marked as archived.

I don’t see any filters in the relationship field of the builder and I don’t see any filters in the data table. What am I missing? What is a solution?
Thank you

You’re not seeing this option here?

HI Moe
I don’t use a form, but directly from a data table.

In Inline Editing these filters aren’t supported

you might have some js/css codes that are stopping the order filtering for each field.

your missing the filter arrows on each field to order the records ascend/decend… is that right?

yes true :-), the arrows are missing, but the sorting works the same.

For js/css codes, I prefer not to implement code, other than plugins, since not knowing programming, in case of problems, I wouldn’t know where to put my hands.

I solved it by making an Edit button, it’s not smooth navigation but it’s fine anyway.
Also in this case, as per the post from a few minutes ago, if all the fields, upon click, could link to an Edit format, Detail Form, etc., many steps would be solved.