Filter form dropdowns on record details page by Logged-In User Field?

Each User has a “Current User Group” (connected to a “User Group”) stored in their User record, used to filter tables, limit dropdowns, etc, while allowing Users to switch User Groups, for organizational purposes.
I am viewing a form on a record details page (In this case, a “Project” connected to the “User Group” that owns it.)
In this case, I am adding a “Product Entry” record (connected to the page record) which is connected to a “Product” (also connected to a “User Group”, this is the dropdown I want to filter by “Current User Group”)

Currently, I have to add a redundant dropdown for “User Group” to the top of the form, which I limit to the User’s “Current User Group” (leaving only 1 option), which is then used to filter “Products”, etc, within the Form.

I would like to filter “Products” available in the dropdown, based on the “User Group” they are connected to, filtered by the “Current User Group” stored in the “Users” record.

Is there another method to accomplish this, that I am not aware of, maybe?

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