Filter Tabs for List/Table by User field?

It would be handy to have the ability to create Filter tabs for List and Table components, based upon a User field. In my case, I have a List of ‘Devices’, which each belong to a Client. Each User has a Client selected in their Profile, which is used to control was is displayed as they move through the app. Within the afrorementioned list of Devices, I would like to have a Filter tab to show Devices only for the Client selected in their Profile, while having additional tabs that use other Device criteria (device status, model number, etc), without any filtering by Client. The current workaround is just to add a Search component, so not really a big deal, it is very bulky on the page.

If the connection is created between Users and Clients can you select to only show records from the Clients table that are connected to the User when you are creating the table? (In my picture, display jobs connected to logged in user)

So I think you’re looking for someting that would like like this:

(this is a mockup, not actual).

Interesting idea and I certainly see the use case for it.

This creates a hard limit on the table, which does not allow for Users to see “All Jobs with status Open”, regardless of the limiting connection.

Yep! That’s exactly what I need! So that a User can have a tab that only shows “Devices” that are connected to the “Client” connected to their User Profile, and also have a tab that shows all devices with an “active” status, regardless of the “Client” that the “Device” belongs (is connected) to.

Yep. I see now that Moe understood what you meant more than I did.