Find Field Number of a Field

I am trying to find out the Field Number for a particular field - I am following the video for Read Receipts.

However, the field number is no longer shown on the Edit Field form.

Where would I find the Field Number?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hi @MightBeABitLate,

Would you mind sending a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Is it because I am using a Trial Version?

That shouldn’t have any effect.

Could you please reach out to us at or via support chat in the builder? We’ll take a closer look.

To my knowledge, there’s no circumstance that would prevent the field_id from being displayed and it appears from that screenshot that you are attempting to view the field_id correctly.

I will do so right now. Thank you.

How do I actually get to chat to someone via the chat? At the moment it’s only giving me search results from a database.

Hi there. I have had no response to this yet. I only have 4 days left on the Trial version that I am using - can you help me with this?

Hello @MightBeABitLate, I’ve responded to you via email yesterday at around 11:00 AM (PT). Please check your inbox for a response from

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Chem, my profuse apologies - I had not checked my emails.