Fiscal Year Date setting for data filtering

I have a client who operates on a fiscal calendar - 9/1 through 8/31.

In their app, I have cards, tables, and reports that need the data limited to the current fiscal year.

I think the best way would be to create a date formula field that would end up displaying “FY + The Year it ends”, then save that to a field that I can filter by.

Any better solutions? Examples? Help with the syntax?


Are you opposed to using table rules to set {Fiscal Start} to 09/01/2020 and {Fiscal End} to 08/31/2021?

I’m hoping to not have to remember to update this every year, and also allow them to look at different fiscal years for reporting.

Ah ok, so if that’s the case…what about creating a separate data table for fiscal years and connecting to them from your other data table?