Force Popup form

When a client log in our APP we would like to popup a form to fill up before they continue to use the app without the possibility to exit it.

How can we do that?

Thank Eric

What about using login redirects to redirect the user to a form page?

Hi Tim,

It is a good idea but this is not what I’m looking for now, I’m looking more for a popup form or modal form to force the client to fill out some information before he continues.

Any other suggestions ?


I’m not an expert with JavaScript but I’m assuming this could be done with some custom JavaScript.

@Chem maybe you could offer a suggestion?

Will this be a generic modal window or a Tadabase form being displayed inside the pop up?

Hi Mo,

The ultimate will be a Tadabase form being displayed inside a modal pop up.

I’ve tried different things on my end to do this and havne’t gotten any success. With Javascript you can force a pop up, but not with a Tadabase form.

Hey. @moe thank you very much for trying!