Format required for datetime filter 'Is After' in API

I’m fetching data via API, and I’d like to filter the records to only those where field_707 (datetime) is after “yesterday”, which I dynamically calculate (see below). The reason for not using the built-in “is during the previous 1 day” filter is that a record can potentially show up two days in a row depending on the datetime and when the script is run.

In my Javascript file, I’ve created a variable yesterday:

const yesterday = new Date(new Date().getTime() - (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000)).toString();

Below is a piece of the filter string I use in my call. I’m unsure of what format the “is after” filter the Tadabase API requires.

filters[items][3][field_id]=field_707&filters[items][3][operator]=is after&filters[items][3][val2]=${yesterday}

Any idea how the variable yesterday needs to be formatted to work properly in this API fetch?

Update: I’ve figured this out. Realized the [val2] at the end of the filter string was causing the error.