Freeze Columns and Rows plugin hides dropdown export list

I really like the new plugins. One of my favorites is the Freeze Columns and Rows plugin, which is so useful for tables.

But now I find that the frozen header row blocks visibility of my dropdown list of export templates. Is there any way to make it visible again without removing the plugin?

Hey @Henry

Glad you’re liking plug-ins! We think they’ll be a big part of our future :wink:

I’ve reported this issue to our team and we’ll get that fixed up. Just as a side note, plug-ins can’t update themselves just yet so you’ll need to delete the JavaScript code and reinstall when it’s fixed.


This is fixed now :smile:

To reinstall the new version, please remove all existing JavaScript from the page’s JavaScript tab and reinstall the plugin.

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Hi @tim.young

the plugin is giving me problems,

  1. the highlighter only works on fields and not on headers
  2. even by setting the value empty, it inserts the yellow color
  3. the (transparent) headers are confused with the contents of the fields
  4. the table appears to be very short, losing space for other rows,

I add, it would also be nice to have the option to freeze filter buttons, etc