Freezing When Updating Fields

I submitted a help ticket, but I thought I would share it here just in case someone can share some tips on other things to avoid doing when updating fields and tables. I have a very large table, but there aren’t too many columns. I had a basic sum field and a text formula field that I deleted because of the number of rows. I expected the deletion to be slow, but my entire table was frozen for around 5 hours. I had a count field on another table. Again, I expected the update to be slow, but I didn’t expect the entire table to freeze. Unfortunately, I placed the count field on the user table and now users are unable to login until the calculations finish.

I was given great advice yesterday on using copy and paste to add records quickly. However, now I know not to try that on tables with auto increment and text formulas. Some of the fields never updated and I deleted them because they kinda got stuck in limbo. I hope that my experience will help someone else avoid the same issues. I am loving Tadabase after migrating from Knack. However, Knack is able to handle 100K records or more without freezing when there are changes to fields. I’m sure Tadabase will do the same or I will learn other ways to work around it. Until then, I have a few hours to spare while my table updates.