Freshdesk Configuration

Hey Moe, can you provide some config info for creating and viewing tickets for freshdesk? We dont require clients to login to freshdesk so I would want them to be able to create and view their tickets from their TB account. Thanks!

The only way for them to do so would be if you also track their ticket ID’s whenever a new ticket is created. We don’t yet have a way to show lists from a Pipe, only one-to-one records.

So assuming your workflow is as follows:

User Creates a new ticket and that ticket ID is saved to a Tadabase table.

You can now use the “View a Ticket” API Call to view the ticket details. Again, you must have this ticket ID somehow saved in the tables. Don’t forget to add the api keys in the Global Parameters.

In the future we’ll be able to list using a pipe which can make this easier.