Full Width Table

I want the tables to be the full width of the screen? I tried the setting toggle for the full width and it works on a select few tables not all of them. How would I accomplish this?

If it works on one table it should work on all the tables unless there is some customized CSS on the pages that are showing tables at full width. Screenshots may be heplful.

Same app, two different pages.

Hey @bradenal !

Just wanted to clarify that the full or fixed width setting that’s located in your app’s Settings menu is a global effect, however, this can also be adjusted per row on a page. Please check the individual row settings for the effected tables as the global setting will not override any rows that were previously manually set to fixed.

If this does not resolve the issue for you, please let us know :slight_smile:

Hey Tim where would that setting be on the table?

The setting I’m referring to is located in the row configuration menu when editing a row.

Row Container Settings