Generate static map image

I’d like to demonstrate how to generate a static map using the Google Maps API

Feel free to check out a demo here:

To start, add a Text Formula to any table that has an Address field. The text formula will be made up of the following parts

  2. Add Field > Address - Address field. image
  3. &zoom=13&size=600x300&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7Clabel:%7C
  4. Add Field > Address - Latitude
  5. ,
  6. Add Field > Address - Longitude
  7. &key=YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY (You can create an API key in the Google Developers Console.)

The end result should look like this

To add this into a List Component, you may add the following to HTML inside a List. (Change field_id to the Text Formulas field slug)

<p><img src="{!!field_id!!}" alt="" width="100%" /></p>

To add this to a PDF, add an HTML Component and add the following to the Source Code.
Change “Text Formula” to the name of your Text Formula Field.

<p><img src="{!!Text Formula!!}" alt="" /></p>
<p style="display: none;">{Text Formula}</p>
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If you’d like to display a Street View, a very similar Text Formula can be used.

  2. Add Field > Address - Address
  3. Add Field > Address - City
  4. Add Field > Address - State
  5. Add Field > Address - Country
  6. &source=outdoor&key=YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY

i am trying to use this solution but something is not working.
I don’t have a full address field, I just have the coordinates.
I’ve made several attempts but it doesn’t work.

Would you have a solution?
Thank you

@DanioA looks like you forgot the comma between latitude and longitude. See if that helps.



Yes you are right,
thank you