Get data from details page

Hi! Im new to Tadabase and I wanted to know how can I get the data from the details I opened so I an display it to my form and be able to create rules from there?

Here is the screenshot of my work:
When I click on the details page it shows this:

I want the Question name to be fetched and stored automatically on the form without having to select the question again in the form.

Which one is I am missing or doing wrong? Any advice is very much welcome, I am just new to Tadabase and looking forward to learn more. Thanks!

Hi @kryzlerahne welcome to the community! :wave:

There are different ways you could achieve this but if you’re simply trying to capture the input to a question that has a limited number of responses you would use a Option / Multiselect field like this…

The name property is the question (in this case “Multi Select - QUESTION”) of the field so you don’t enter that as a separate field.

So in your example “Answer Type” text should be changed to the question itself.