Get rid of the html in dropdown list?

This has been a pesky problem for a while. Any ideas on how to get it to render properly?

It doesn’t always show up and is hard to reproduce, so I wondering if anyone had any ideas on re-rendering the list. Append maybe?

Want it to look like this every time.


Unfortunately this is a bug

Pesky one to. Any ideas on how to clean up with script on the page?

It Will re-appear with raw HTML code if you add a new value on the fly, but it works other than that.

When creating the text formula displayed in the dropdown for the join, use the HTML code for the space or special character you need. For Example, I used the code for a no breaking space, which is   when I needed to insert a space, and this works much better on most occasions.

Are the values in the dropdown from a Text Formula? I believe HTML in dropdowns is a bit tricky and not natively allowed.

They are text formulas. The messy version is done without html.

Best I can tell it is pretty specific to a join as well.

We have an update coming out very soon that will solve this with our new connection picker.

Instead of using multiple fields in a text formula, you can show multiple unique values in the dropdown as a list of table.

Here’s a preview so you can get an idea:
Here’s the List Preview:

Here’s the Table View:

This has been on our roadmap under the name of “Multi Value Dropdowns” for quite some time. We should have this in production within a few days I hope.

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Saw it on role out… I think that may just do the trick!!