Get the details URL and receive it from email

Hi Tadabase community,

Is it possible to get the details URL for each record?

The scenario is this:
I send someone an answer sheet I automate that they would receive an email whenever I assign a form to them, when they receive it they can answer and after they submit the answer. The sender will receive an email saying that they completed it.
What I want is that, when I receive the email, there is a link to the detail page of that form.
When I go to the dashboar, i can just click the details and see the details of the form. But, is it possible that I can get the URL of the details page and click it from the email that I just received?

Hoping for answer. Thank you.

HI @Edison I don’t don’t quite follow your scenario as you describe sending emails but then you talk about receiving emails. Regardless though I’m pretty sure what you want is achievable. The details page URL’s have the associated RECORDID at the end of them, so it’s easy to recreate a link for a details page. If you view a Details Page of your record in your live application (as a user would) the last 10 alpha/numeric digits is that records RECORDID.

Does that make sense, is that what you meant?

I am sorry for that. What I mean is that: I am the admin, i invite users to answer the questions i made. upon inviting them, i duplicate a copy of template assigned to their name. together with it, i send the email for an invitation. Then, when they are done answering the templates. Upon submitting the answers. I will receive email. In that email. Includes their scores, when they submit it, date and time. In that email. I want to generate a URL for details. So when I open that email its like “To see the result please click here” when i click that link. It will take me to the details page of that template. :slight_smile:

Now, on the table. i can just easily click the details of each record right? But, is it possible that when the user submit their answer. It will generate a URL for the details of the template they just submitted?

I hope i made myself clear.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for your advice. I had a workaround and came up with this:

I copy the default URL for the preview like "****************/ then CONCAT it with the Record ID. I got the URL.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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exactly, nice one :+1:
I’ve found everything I’ve wanted to do so far in Tadabase has been possible with a little creativity.

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