Get value from URL

Does anyone know if the “Get value from URL” is working yet? or has anyone successfully got it to work? I’d love to hear the solutions.


I’ve been neglecting this feature because I wasn’t really sure how to include it in a workflow but here’s how it works.

Choose a parameter name. In this example, it made sense to just called the parameter “customer”

On the live app, if you add ?customer=XXXX to the end of the page URL, the Customer field will auto populate.

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Thanks Tim, I’ll try it out. It probably doesn’t work with select connection fields I’m assuming due to the loading time.

I don’t believe this actually works with Connection fields at this point. When it does, it will require the ID, not the Display Value. I have to double check this.

Also, if you’re directing users from outside of Tadabase to this form, like from an HTML form make sure you’re remove the #! from the URL from within the domain settings of your app.

Haven’t tried so slap me for being lazy…

I suspect when you update the input field this way and save the record the value (“SuiteUpstairs” in this example) will be saved to the record?

I ask because I can update a check box via Jquery, but the change doesn’t take on submit so I have been researching what I have been missing and this is as close as I have come…

Ya, I don’t think it works with connections at the moment because the connection fields don’t let you assign a parameter.

Is there a way to add these parameters to internal links?

I have used an equation field in a table to build a internal link, which copies that value to a link field using a table rule. I use that in a table to link to another page to trigger a search on that destination page.

@tim.young this does not appear to be working. Is there something I’m missing here?