Go back to another link page after filling up form

Hi Tadabase,

I would like to ask if there is a solution for the problem I am having right now.
The scenario is that:

I have a table called Reference, in reference table I have connection to the user.
To add a user connected to my reference table, I add a reference details page, inside the detail page I add a User form.
After add a user in the reference table. I want to go back to another page connected to the reference table but it is not available to the option.

Am I doing something wrong?

in the 2nd picture, I want to go to the Use template page and I will able to collect the data from the user i just created.

Is this possible?

Please help me. Thank you

If the pages are all details pages to the parent table, you will need to place some JavaScript in the page build to redirect to the selected page upon form submission.

I don’t know how to do that :sweat_smile: hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi Tadabse,

what I want to achieve is this:

After submit, i want to go to another details page on the same record, and another.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

Try this…may have to play with it a bit to make it work:

  1. Have to have a field in your data table that pulls the RecordID into the field using Table rules
  2. Have to have the recordID field on the page and hidden (CSS class = hide)
  3. Update “recordID” to whatever you named your field
  4. Component #s need to be updated to your application
var recordID;
TB.render('component_XX', function (data) {
    recordID = data.record.id;

      window.location.href = '#!/ReferenceDataTableName/AddingCandidatePageName/'+recordID;

I have not had time to test this yet as I have been a bit busy but pulled it from an app that the Tadabase Team helped me with in the past.

Hope this gets you set on the right path.


I will try it sir. Thank you very much

hi @SafetyUniversity,

Here is the update. I tried it and this is what I got:

it goes to undefined.

Is there something I am doing wrong?