Google App Script syntax for multi-field variables (first name, last name)

I am trying to export employee records using webhooks. Everything is working well except for name fields. Since there are sub-fields in each name record, I need to know what syntax to use in Google Script to read these fields.

For most fields, I would use the syntax
var ManagerName = e.parameter[‘field_198’];

But this doesn’t work for the name field. shows this info:
field_198_val [{"id":"P74QYwDrBE","val":{"first_name":"Joe","last_name":"Smith"}}]

Can anyone tell me what the correct syntax is to get the first and last name? I could deal with two fields or, ideally, one field in the format “FirstName LastName”


Hi, you can check out this page for more details.

In short:

var firstName = e.parameter['field_198[first_name]'];
var lastName = e.parameter['field_198[last_name]'];