Google Calendar

Let me just say up front that I have not looked at the Google Calendar API at all, hoping this would be more of an open discussion.

Is it possible to create a pipe to connect with Google Calendar, as well as other Google services, but specifically calendar?

I’m hoping I could use this for a task system in an app where a task record is created with a start time and a due date. New tasks would be added to a calendar of choice - I’m assuming by calendar ID.

A similar pipe could run in conjunction on record edit to keep the calendar event in sync.

And lastly, if {task_complete} = yes, then delete calendar event.

Google Calendar and Google Contacts are both on our Pipe Roadmap. Working with Google API’s gets pretty complex and we’ve recently changed how some of our Pipes work for this reason. For example, if you look at the Search and Replace pipe you’ll notice there are now more options that weren’t generally available in non-configurable pipes. This was a change necessary also for working with many other integrations (Quickbooks, Xero, Google etc…).

We’ll look more into this and try and get a timeline as to when this can be implemented.

Just took a look at our Pipes and it looks like its actually coming along quite nicely.

I ran a quick test and it seems to be working well.

Google Calendar is now available as a Pipe inside the Tadabase Builder!

Is Google Contacts still in the works?

Google Contacts is already available to install :wink: