Google Sheets Integration - Pipe - Must have!

We really need Google Sheets integration! Everyone, please chime in to back me up on releasing this over some of these other pipes which are much more niche and are not needed by most of us.

This would open up so many possibilities including integrating Google Data Studio with the sheets and having a real time backup of data to Google sheets and many more. This is a must have. We already have Google Docs, why not Google Sheets?


No one? Moe, is this planned as I can tell you there must be a lot of people who could really benefit from this. Maybe Im the only one. @moe @Chem

@centellix, I like to focus on the use case to understand how and what to build. For example, in Quickbooks pipe you can create a customer, then check their balance using a pipe. Makes perfect sense and meets nearly all use cases.

I’m having a hard time seeing how a Sheets pipe becomes useful aside from having it as a basic means of storing a backup? For simply backing up your data we do have scripts you can run that can help you achieve that. The main use case I do envision is being able to import a Sheet, but that’s probably beyond the scope of a pipe.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Google Sheets is ubiquitous and has 1000’s of integration options already built for it, scripts, connections to other apps including Google Data Studio. It allows you to free your data from Tadabase and into something that many other apps can work natively. While Tadabase pipes are amazing, having your data updated in real time into Google Sheets would serves as an excellent way to back up your data in real time without having to a script.

The pipe would allow for read and write to a Google Sheet

Zapier has over 4000+ connections already built to work with data in Google sheets to other apps. Getting our data out of Tadabase exclusively and into Google Sheets, AirTable and other systems that can house data like a database is paramount to run further analysis and operations on. While pipes are nice, they are not going to replace Integromat anytime soon.

If we had Google Sheets, we could be able to immediately use Google Data Studio, Tableau, and many other analytics programs with ease. I think that alone calls for this integration to be built.

You could also build a pipe that would post and get data to MySql database which could serve the same purpose as Google Sheets, but Google Sheets has some connections to it that I really would love to have.

Thanks for your response. I certainly hear you on it.

@Sara, can you look into this? I know it can get a bit complex since in Sheets we have to work with ranges, not field names.

We do have this btw, if you want it, let me know.

@moe Would love to have access to a SQL/MySQL pipe.

@centellix, thank you for your suggestion. The Google Sheets pipe is now available for installation.

@Sara Thanks Sara. When updating a row, I have the record ID. Is there a way to tell Google which row # to update based on a record ID? How else will I be able to target a specific row of data based on a record ID if all I can tell Google is the row number?

There are two ways of updating a specific row:
a) By range:
You can save the “range” field that is returned when a record/row is created.
b) By row number:
You can set up an auto increment field that starts at 1 to keep track of the row numbers.
(You cannot specify a row number in Google Sheets based on the unique Tadabase record ID.)

If I add an auto increment row # to my table, how will that help me find the row that contains the record I want to update? In Tadabase, I may want to update the row with record id 123, for example. I need to find a row that has a specific value in it’s first column (“Record ID”) and update all the cells in this row.

The row # Google Sheets is asking for is constant and uses A1 notation. What happens if I sort my data in Google Sheets? Now, all my data could have the row placement changed. Row 1 in Google Sheets and Row 1 Auto Increment ID starts out aligned. If I sort it, now auto increment row 25 may now be in row 1 place. In Integromat, their Google sheets function has a way to look up a row # using a filter.

Can we have a filtered row lookup and filter row update function?

I hear what you’re saying, I’ll look into that.

@Sara Also, It doesnt appear that I can access auto increment fields in Pipes, so how would tell the Google Sheets pipe the row # if I can’t even access it?

You’re right. Those API calls have been deleted from the pipe. You will have to use the first method: “Update a Row of Values in a Sheet” using the “range” field that is returned when a record/row is created.
I will look into implementing the method you requested, but in the meantime, the pipe will work as a static real-time backup of your table. Meaning, your Tadabase data will be backed up in real time, but you can’t edit it in Google Sheets.

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We are using the google sheet pipe and we can’t get it to work properly when we enter new data in a table.
In the beginning, when we tested the pipe it worked correctly.
Where we can get help?


Hi @PabloIbarra,

What error are you getting?

Hi!, @Sara
I successfully installed the pipe and associate it to my google account. During testing I was able to add, edit and delete rows. That was great.

Now, I want to do a real time backup of a table in google sheet. But I can’t complete the first step, which is to add records to the google sheet by implementing the pipe.

This is an example of what I did to start with, but nothing happens in my google sheet:

Pipes are only triggered when a record is set to a pipe value. For example:

See the Tadabase Docs for more information about how pipes work.

Thank you @Sara!! :clap: :clap:
It works now.

How can I save the “range” field that is returned when a record/row is created?

Simply create a field in your data table called Range, and set the table rule to update the Range to a pipe value of “Updated Range”. That way you can use the range to edit rows/records with table rules as well.

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Thank you for your response, it has been very helpful.

Now, if I want to delete a record, I can’t find the way to also delete it in the google sheet.
In the rules of the tables we can only add or modify records, but not delete?