GPS location from telephone

Is there a way to get location data from GPS in your telephone when I add a record to the database, so including longitude and latitude data?

I tried it with a record rule: Update This Record - Set Record values:

  • “Address - Latitude (Address)” to “User’s current location”
  • “Address - Longitude (Address)” to “User’s current location”

It doesn’t give results.

Question 1:
Would this record rule get the Longitude and Latitude from the telephone GPS or as a result of filling the address with typed-in data getting Longitude and Latitude back from Google API?

Question 2:
And do I not get results because google API is only available for Pro subscription?


The users current location retrieves the full address.

Can you instead try adding a regular address field and just set that address to use the user’s current location in the form record rule.

Let me know and I’d be happy to assist further.

Sorry Moe, thanks for the answer, but it is not clear to me.
I have made an application I use to make a photo from my dashboard of the car, of the mileage of the car.
I then use this for my administration for business. When I add the record to the database, I have an address field in the form, which is supposed to catch the current location. With the record rule I would like to fill this field with longitude and Latitude, as the google API is probably not hooked up because of my standard subscription.
So how does this current location work?
a) Does it take the position from the GPS of the telephone, then add this in the records’ longitude and latitude, after which you get the address from the Google API? In this case I would at least get longitude and latitude not having the Pro subscription, or
b) does it feed google API directly with the GPS data from the telephone, after which Google returns full address with the complete data, so street, postal code, city, longitude, latitude… In this case I would not get a result, as I don’t have Pro subscription.
What is it? A or b) or another solution c) ?

Thanks for explaining.

Hi @Peter,

I think what @moe was suggesting is setting the entire Address field to a user’s current location. Like this…

Can you try that and see if it works?

Alas didn’t work with iPhone XR with Safari, location services enabled for all website.

No update record, all fields of address record empty.

Can you try this link and let me know if it works?!/get-current-address

Tested on an iPhone 11 with Safari

Not working on iPhone. But working in my browser of my computer.So must be something with my iphone then?

@tim.young it worked now. Had to go into settings of the iPhone. I had my settings on not to use the location in Safari in privacy settings as well, so corrected that for Safari. Thanks for the help. It is now solved

Awesome! Glad to hear that