Group By PDF Table

Would be very useful to have a ‘Group’ function with a PDF Table. It’s frustrating we can create a fab-looking table in the UI/Pages but can’t do the same with a PDF.

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Obviously, no filters here make sense, but for group by - I have a Truckload packing slip and I’m trying to show all products “Grouped By” pallets. @tim.young any ideas?

@avromiRussell I know this isn’t ideal, but I’ve seen this done by saving the child records (if that’s what you’re dealing with) as a static HTML table in a rich text field of the parent record. You can do so using the “Generate HTML Table” pipe.

I’m happy to explain further.

I don’t believe the parent/ child relationship is set up correctly for this use case - I’m always up to learn more. There has been talk of a webinar for pipes/advanced building.