Grouped Table with Summary Row Title not Showing

Greetings Tada Community-

I recently encountered an issue where I had a grouped table with the first column in the table being the “grouping” field. I also had a Summary row at the bottom to show totals of different columns.

When grouped by the first column, the Summary title “Sum” (or whatever title you chose) did not show.

When I moved the grouped column to any other column in the table the Summary title DID show.

So, if you are grouping a table AND have a summary row make sure the grouped column is any column EXCEPT the first column.

Hope this helps,

Hi Adam,
can you advise on this please.

where should the Power brackets go? at the moment the equation wont validate.

({MonthlyInterest} / (1-((1 + {MonthlyInterest}) POWER()-360))) * ({LoanAmount})

Not exactly sure as I’m not familiar with equations but typically equations have to start with a command…similar to Power(….the rest of the equation…)