Has anyone created a back button that works?

There are instructions on how to do this in docs.tadabase.io but it does not work.


@mdykstra, can you elaborate a bit more? What do you hope for the link to do? Also, if you can include a link to those non working docs, I’ll be sure we update it. Our platform often pregresses faster than our docs can keep up with.

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I’m using linked pages throughout my app so I need to add a “browser back” button to these pages since I can’t use breadcrumbs. What is in the docs does not seem to work.


Here’s the link - https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/solution-guides/article/how-to-add-a-back-button-to-your-app#bkmrk-page-title

I’ve also noticed it doesn’t work. I tried adding Chem’s checkFlag code to it but no luck.

The back button does NOT work. We have had to use HTML/JS to accomplish the task. Hopefully moe can get it fixed as it would be much easier to use.


Thank you. What is the html code I would use?

Add HTML Component and under source code:



@intelligroup The back button using the JS above is working for you?

Yes - i use both - links and buttons and they work great.


Can you test these buttons again? They appear to be working now.

Sweet. My first win on a Monday :sweat_smile:
Thanks Tim!

Don’t thank me, I’m just as surprised as you are lol. I know I tested this the other day when you made this post and it wasn’t working.

Just to clarify for anyone else reading this, it works as of today, but the code is:


Tried using the code above but could never get it to work on the profile page. This is what I got to work.

<p><button id="go-back" class="btn btn-primary back-btn">Back</button></p>


document.getElementById("go-back").addEventListener("click", () => {
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None of the solutions on this page seem to work in Chrome for me. May I ask which browser you are using? I tried them in Edge and it works great.

For me, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox work fine.