Help with DB Relationships and Table Build

I know I am making this way too complicated (or maybe oversimplifying), but my head is just not wrapping around the concept. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have been struggling with getting a page with a table built. My app is for Directors to manage show events and actors. I need help with building a table that I just cant seem to get working. I have tried multiple different ways of connecting my database tables and just cant get it to work correctly. Everything else is built and working (creating events, adding dates and positions/zones, and allowing the user to select their available dates).

I am trying to build a page that contains the following:

Table Filters:

  1. User has ability to Select the Event (with a default)
  2. User has ability to select a date associated with the selected Event (today as default)

Table Content:

  • Zone (grouping) -> Position -> Assign User
    • Only allow users that signed up for date in profile are able to be selected
    • Ability to assign user to position for all dates

For Reference:


  • Users = Admin and General roles
  • Events = An attraction with multiple dates
  • Dates = Dates of an Event
  • Zones = A grouping of positions
  • Positions = Assignment for user per date

User Roles:

  • Admin Role: Ability to create Events, Zones, Positions, Dates, and assign users to positions
  • General Role: Update personal profile, select Event, and modify “Available Dates” (that are tied to Event)

Screenshot 2020-12-04 091124

Your data structure looks pretty good. Can you share a screen shot of your table filters? I’m not sure I follow what you’re building.

Edit: By the way, this a really good read to explain relationships between data tables, but it looks like you have that pretty well under control so far.

And welcome to the community :wave: