Help with Javascript and 2FA options

Hey all,

I’d like to customize the 2FA feature as follows:

  • Only require it once every 30 days for users if they’re logging in from the same IP address

  • if possible, allow folks to use cell phone numbers rather than email address for receiving the verification code

Does anyone know if either of these are possible with JavaScript coding? (I’m not a developer, if you can’t tell) And if so, can anyone help me with the JavaScript language?

@Katydid what you’re looking to accomplish isn’t possible with JavaScript or even server-side.

We have some updates coming soon to Magic Links and I’d love to hear your thoughts once you see that. With magic links you’ll have an inherint 2FA built in and can likely send the magic link to a phone as well.

This should be coming out in the coming days and will likely solve your questions.

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Thanks for the clarification - great to hear!