Help with Power BI records limit

Hey guys,

I’m trying to connect Tadabase with Power BI, but I can’t get more than 1000 rows uploaded to my query.

I followed this link and was able to retrieve the table data from my app, but its limited to 1000 records only.

Maybe its something to adjust in the code, so it can loop the pages and keep retrieving more data, because it seems that the imported JSON is returning a limit of 1000 (even though I adjusted the URL to a /records?limit=20000)


As it shows by the image below, my table has 3 pages and a total of 2146 records. But the limit is 1000.


Please, how can I solve this?

Tks in advance!

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With this tutorial:

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Hi everybody,

I think the combination between Tadabase (as standarized information compilation data base system) and Power Bi (as analyse and trazability tool) are the perfect blend. I have 6 months using this and on my work and is increadible how you can integrate multiple areas, where TADABASE is the best option to compiling, editing and reviewing

But always we have a however! I noticed that the API to Tadabase takes a lot of time to refresh. I have a table with 5000 records and the time Power Bi takes to refresh is around 15 minutes. This eliminates totally the option of bring in real-time the data.

I have other APIs to different systems where the tables has more than 10,000 records and takes around 5 seconds to bring the data.

Do you have some info regarding to this?

PD: I’m gonna share some screenshots about what we can create using TADABASE and Power BI by de API for people who’s beggining on this like me:

Tadabase live app to collect the data

Power Bi dashboard

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Hello Sergio,

Great question. I noticed a similar amount of time to refresh data to Power BI.

Although I still don’t need 100% real time data.