Hey Siri - create a new record

Hey everyone!

For my latest venture down the rabbit hole…I wanted to be able to quickly add records to an app from a mobile device - specifically my iPhone. For this project, I wanted to be able to add new tasks to this app.

Which means, if you install this app template and the shortcut (link below), you can run this on your phone too :grinning:

If you’re unfamiliar with iOS, there’s an app called Shortcuts that’s made by Apple. You can read about it here - https://support.apple.com/guide/shortcuts/welcome/ios

Here’s a basic gist of what’s happening when I run the shortcut…

  1. Prompt for input for the name of the task
  2. Prompt for input for the description of the task
  3. Get all projects from your app and display as a list
  4. Select a project from the list
  5. Gets record ID of selected project (this allows me to set a connection field in the next step)
  6. Creates a new Task record with data collected from previous steps.

This can be triggered manually or via Siri.

Here’s a link to the shortcut that you can add if you’ve installed the template app linked above. There’s somewhat of a guided experience to update API credentials, table ID’s, and field ID’s.