Hey Siri - create a new record

Hey everyone!

For my latest venture down the rabbit hole…I wanted to be able to quickly add records to an app from a mobile device - specifically my iPhone. For this project, I wanted to be able to add new tasks to this app.

Which means, if you install this app template and the shortcut (link below), you can run this on your phone too :grinning:

If you’re unfamiliar with iOS, there’s an app called Shortcuts that’s made by Apple. You can read about it here - https://support.apple.com/guide/shortcuts/welcome/ios

Here’s a basic gist of what’s happening when I run the shortcut…

  1. Prompt for input for the name of the task
  2. Prompt for input for the description of the task
  3. Get all projects from your app and display as a list
  4. Select a project from the list
  5. Gets record ID of selected project (this allows me to set a connection field in the next step)
  6. Creates a new Task record with data collected from previous steps.

This can be triggered manually or via Siri.

Here’s a link to the shortcut that you can add if you’ve installed the template app linked above. There’s somewhat of a guided experience to update API credentials, table ID’s, and field ID’s.



This is awesome! I am trying to get it working. Have my api, key, app ID entered but for whatever reason it errors out with a msg about the Data Table Not Found but I have it entered correctly, assuming it’s just the name of my table. Any idea what could be the issue?

Hey @JesseTron, welcome to the Tadabase Community!

I need to refresh my memory on this one a bit so forgive me if I’m not understanding completely. The iOS shortcut is asking for a Table ID for the Projects Table and the Field ID for Project Name.

That info can be found in the template app here…

Thank you. Got one step further but it somehow still gives the same error.

What error do you get? Got any screenshots?

attached pic… It can see all the data. It even pops up and asks which project I want to use. I choose one and it errors out with the msg in the image. I’ve use the field ID and the field name with no luck. With it asking for 2 things… task and description… Do I need certain fields available for it or does it just drop task and description in the field I specified during setup? ex: task field and task description field? I don’t have a dedicated task app / table. I just want it to add a new customers to my existing table.

Are you using this template app?

That has to be the issue. I am not using that app. Is there an easy way to use it with a custom app since it does see my records? My goal would be to have it ask 2 questions. Customer and PO number. Both fields exist in my current app.

The iOS shortcut is basically just a series of API calls, so yes this could be adapted to fit any app.

For the 2 fields that you mentioned, Customer and PO Number, are these connections to another data table?

They are in my data table / app. No connection / reference to another table.


Check this out, hope it helps!

iOS Shortcut


Thank you so much!! Got it installed and it pops up with Configure this shortcut and just has + Add New Item and gives a drop down with type. Can’t go any further. Before it asked for specific info like the Table ID etc.

That’s my bad!

Try this one:


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It worked! Thank you very much. :smiley:

You’re welcome. Enjoy!

It’s been working great so I started tinkering around with it. As soon as I add a 3’rd field… it does update but for some reason it adds the submitted response 4 times in the field and even pastes the table ID in the field too. Any ideas why that would happen?

Shows up like this in the table field:
Priority Priority Priority (table ID number here)Priority

I wanted to have the 3rd question be when is the order due. Even with changing type from text to date and tapping the shortcut so I get the date popup instead, and updating all the Get Contents section I couldn’t get the date to enter so I chose a priority field for now. Field in data table is already a date field as well. If you know a way I can get the date to work that would be awesome.

It’s hard to say without seeing the shortcut. Can you share it with me?

Tinkered with it and got it working :slight_smile: Have it auto inserting text (no voice prompt) into a 3rd field now.

This is going to be very helpful when I’m not at a computer and able to enter new orders. I can just add by voice real quick and not have to worry about forgetting and it falling through the cracks. I also have quickbooks syncing via zapier now and works great. You guys have a great platform and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow with new features. :slight_smile: If you guys want or need testers, I’d be happy to do so.

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