Hide Action Link based on connected data

We have a use case where we are trying to hide an Action Link (Formatted as Button) on a list component when a logged in user clicks that button. Where this is getting complex is that we have two (2) tables involved in this scenario.

Table 1: Task Table.
This table contains a series of tasks that are related to an event, where we need to have volunteers sign-up to help with the task. The data contained in this table offers the description of the task, how many volunteers are needed, and who the task manager is.

Table 2: Task Volunteers.
This table contains the actual volunteers who signed-up to help with the task. This table provides both the Task Manager and Task Volunteer with information about the task they decide to help with.

When a user logs into the app they are given the chance to see available tasks that they can sign-up to help with. We have streamlined the process by placing an “Action Link” on a list component to speed up the process of signing up.

Where our issue comes into place is that the user does not get any acknowledgement that they have signed up when they click the Action link.

What they do see is that when they click on the “My Tasks” tab it shows all of the tasks they have signed up for and could show multiple sign-ups for the same task.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 5.49.12 PM

Now they can remove themselves from the task by clicking the Red Button. (See Above)

Hi, did you try the display rules when clicking the column that contains the button? You have a Swiss knife to hide/show content, even you can add any field to use for the display rule but add a “hide” class so as not to show that field in the app

@Aprada - Thanks for the thought but after going through several hours of testing we have discovered that we needed to use a record details page with a form component embedded that would give us the correct functionality.